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Guangzhou flavor characteristics of green bean dessert open mind

OHTN2017-10-21Aix XinLe

Green bean dessert is very popular Guangzhou-loved. Located in Liwan District Longjin East "open mind dessert" produced "orange peel green bean shelling" No. 889, is its creamy and sweet, Qingre, unique flavor and unique, renowned in Guangzhou. So the boss Ye Jian open also been dubbed the "red bean open." Open mind fresh green bean selection of colors, high quality green beans as raw materials, coupled with the right amount of vanilla, orange peel, sugar, served with brown sugar flavor, brewed in a suitable furnace, the green beans to the fort from the "sand" to "clothing "(shelling) is made.

Guangzhou flavor characteristics of green bean dessert open mind


Mountains open mind progenitor called Ye Jian open. Ye Jian opened grandfather was brought up to follow this snack business, learned and experienced grandfather, kung fu fine, strict three tests: selected green bean, You've got to shut off and seasoning, so his green bean particularly popular with customers . Because of hummus well, known as "red bean open", real name no one actually called.

Green beans with a detoxification effect on everyone knows, and unique green bean Here is the addition of vanilla and orange peel, and Huatanzhike effect. Green bean here, unique taste, the use of sugar is half white half red. For thousands of years, brown sugar, moisten with a detoxification role women and children, but also appropriate mitigation cold green beans with cold treat menstrual pain effect.

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