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Guangzhou tourist souvenirs The color porcelain

OHTN2017-10-26Aix XinLe

Guangzhou, also known as polychrome ceramics will be woven. It is a variety of white porcelain vessels fired after having a strong oriental painting features arts and crafts. Guangzhou polychrome mostly using our tapestry patterns to colorful gorgeous known, it is a unique glaze porcelain of our species.

Guangzhou tourist souvenirs The color porcelain

Polychrome is called in various glaze porcelain painted white gold tread patterns, as if to colorful embroidered damask elegant luxury Wanlv gold, and low temperature roasting. Guangzhou as early polychrome enamel products, with its noble and beautiful features, much like Chinese and foreign people, by the court as a tribute, a number of foreign royal families to send officials made a special trip to Guangzhou to buy. Then simply bring polychrome pattern by the European traders by the Chinese businessman as required manufactured for export. At that time, Guangdong businessmen shipped from Jingdezhen porcelain blanks, using Jiangxi pastel painting skills to be modeled on Western painting methods, and then roasting.

Artistic features polychrome porcelain Guangzhou Cheng Ming Dynasty, the absorption of Western painting, the local characteristics of Lingnan pattern has painted on, Lingnan gradually formed a unique artistic style, and many fixed pattern, wide color become a tradition to spend money, such as flower baskets , dragon and phoenix, butterflies, goldfish, costumed characters and so on.

Guangzhou Guangzhou color porcelain began in the Ming dynasty, the Qing Dynasty to develop into colorful, and gradually formed a unique artistic style in the Qianlong period, it has been 300 years of history. Qianlong, order processing painted porcelain to European countries, local businessmen Jingdezhen white porcelain transported to Guangzhou, imitation of Western painting after painting sold to foreign investors. Sup salesmen have set franchise wide color export porcelain village and when Matheson started.

Wide color with colorful, precise composition, known for fine painting work. On the white porcelain artists hand-woven with gold thread, such as gold Wanlv dependent on the stones, giving a sense of responsibility to grace China. White porcelain body color with wide production mainly from Jiangxi, Hunan and local major porcelain area. There are a wide color red, water blue, and green, spring crane, brilliant black, bis two dozen yellow color, using weaving, fill, dyeing, washing, description, stack, engraving, painting brushes, and other techniques, in porcelain drawn on the tread pattern is a beautiful pattern, and then fired into the air to complete.

Wide color painting process has seven production process: Drawn lines, coloring, weaving gold, green fill, bucket color, package Chrysostom, burning flowers. Wide color pattern figures, flowers and birds, landscapes and so on. The major products are wide color display art porcelain, daily appreciation, crafts porcelain three categories, only porcelain technology there are more than 500 varieties, more than two thousand fancy.

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