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Guangzhou Huadu folk Pangu Wang birth

OHTN2017-10-24Aix XinLe

Every year since August 12 night, Shiling crowded. On this day, Wang Shan in Shiling Pangu Pangu Pangu Temple to hold its annual King of birth, people worship Pangu, incense, offering roast pig, a variety of folk activities related to Pangu culture.

Guangzhou Huadu folk Pangu Wang birth

King Pangu myth in the epoch of people. He was born the legend of world chaos, and later opened up heaven and earth, the light of day ten feet high, ten feet thick to date, in future ten feet long, so eighteen thousand thousand years, day high, on the ground is very low. All the sun and the moon, stars, clouds, mountains, fields, grass, stone, all after his death, changed from various parts of the body. Later generations to commemorate him, and election poised, massive construction projects, please craftsmen, carved beams and painted rafters, built Pangu Temple.

Pangu Temple is located in Shiling Town of Huadu District, north of Forest Wang Shan Pangu built. Located in the foothills of the middle of the Pangu Pangu King Temple, built in Jiaqing fourteen years (1809), later burned to the Guangxu twenty-seven years (1909) reconstruction, has been preserved.

Temple of Pangu Pangu Wang palace in the middle sat and statues. Temple has two large copper-colored incense, smoke curl all day long. There are four big thanks to stepped altar large incense burner, which can accommodate thousands of people worship. Pangu Temple calendar year will not be extinguished, well known for. During the Lunar Pangu August 12 birthday of the king of the South China Sea, Panyu, Shunde, Guangzhou, Qingyuan, Sanshui and other public places, crowds, beat drums and lion dance, it came to be celebrated, very lively scene. Behind the pilgrims along the mountain road up the stairs Pangu Temple, built on Banshan Ting Miaohou mountainside. Its west side boulders different conflict, called the universe stone, commonly known as King Pangu stone lying. Stone universe of about 4 meters high, the plane over thirty square meters, has a median crack or over thirty centimeters wide, more than ten deep. Nearby there are a few wrong stack of boulders, rock bottom perennial springs, name Longkou spring, people called this spring as "holy water." Where the mountains pilgrims, all water home to pray to ward off evil, the family peace.

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