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Guangzhou features snacks shrimp wonton noodle

OHTN2017-10-22Aix XinLe

Shrimp wonton noodles is one of the favorite snacks Guangzhou Han flavor. Wonton ravioli from other provinces evolved, but the provinces wonton skin much less meat, Guangdong wonton meat is thin, fine workmanship, rich fillings, there are pork, eggs, shrimp and so on. Wonton noodle soup is very careful not previously MSG, to use pig, shrimp, ground fish pot system. Plane surface with the whole egg, the egg catty pound of flour, fragrant flavor and taste, smoothness "elastic teeth."

Guangzhou features snacks shrimp wonton noodle

 The early Republic, was Xiguan popular area streets hawking wonton surfaces bear, especially in the "Chi mind," the most famous, the stall surface concernedly bear walking in the street while walking granite knock bamboo, "Da Dada", " wonton noodles, wonton noodles sound Haojing bamboo rise "in solicit business.



Longxumian, ravioli, shrimp, vegetables, soup, seaweed, mushrooms, onion, dried shrimps, salt, chicken powder, pepper, sesame oil.


1, the peeled shrimp, to the head, gut removal, retain the tail portion, so that it looks better to do the washing process the shrimp; Brassica napus take core wash; mushrooms bubble, the mood may be cross flower knife, so that will appear in front of him this bowl is more beautiful; washed mince the shallot.

2, after the materials are ready, take to pot, add some water, boil, then down into the noodles and ravioli, cooked fish.

3, if there is soup, then the taste will be better, and now it may boil another pot of broth, if not just noodle soup with soup on it, add shrimp boil, then add mushrooms, sea rice, seaweed, rape, then add pepper, salt, chicken powder, sesame oil, seasoning, and finally wonton noodles into the soup and adjust seasoning, sprinkle with chives to the end.

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