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Guangzhou cuisine Steamed chicken

OHTN2017-10-23Aix XinLe

Many people see a chicken Huadiao will name implies: Chicken with Rice Wine to do, so that the dish is Jiangzhe. Yes, Huadiao chicken is Huadiao do chicken, but not Jiangzhe, but authentic Cantonese cuisine, but also a famous dish in Cantonese cuisine. This dish is not only food, but also for soup, two to eat a thing. In the wet season, warm warm stomach could not be better. But, now an unusual restaurant, Huadiao difficult to eat chicken, as traditional Wagang or chicken casserole done Huadiao, more difficult to see, they hide in the silence of the streets alleys, they give out their unique fleeting taste.

Guangzhou cuisine Steamed chicken

Huadiao chickens reputation of one of the eight chickens in Guangzhou, in fact, thanks to the Guangzhou North Garden Restaurant, because it is Kandian Huadiao chicken dishes. Guangzhou is one of the oldest restaurants in North Garden Restaurant, founded in the last century in power during the late 1920s Chen Jitang. Whether or architectural style garden features are simple and elegant pure Lingnan style, not a trace of aliasing. Up the stairs from the rock edge, boarding Immersió station, can enjoy the pool elegant koi play, but also browse the entire restaurant scattered unique style, people do wash the bustling downtown hubbub, times students feel relaxed and happy. Yi Cui building the most unique, twelve mahogany wood carving through Huaping door, screen door according to the four seasons and carving a variety of insects, fish, life, exquisitely carved. Its craftsmanship, composition of vivid, are rare. Yicui entire floor lobby are teak, wood, wood materials and cased glass decoration, a ceiling using conventional whole word of teak plate engraving; money, bat wishful splicing, dignified, simple elegance.

However, here, the chicken is not cooked Huadiao with the earthen pot, but with a casserole. Casserole is a combination of clay and sand are fired boiler, and with a layer of enamel, old-fashioned not so rough earthen pot, sleek and modern, bright and hygienic, generally used for making soup. Casserole pores smaller, less high temperature, a large pan opening, heat is also fast. Directly, the low heat maturation method, steamed, stew and other heating methods. Of Northern casserole soup, such as Hubei famous lotus root spare ribs soup, you must use the casserole to boil. In the South, the use of porridge, such as Chaozhou casserole porridge. According to the reporter, now we do a variety of popular Japanese dishes with a casserole, and in Italy, as well as with a casserole to bake the pizza.



Hen 1250 grams, 30 grams of honey, 75 g pig fat, 50 grams of oyster sauce, Ginger 35 g, 100 g Huadiao wine, green onions 35 g, 125 g pale two soup, 5 grams of MSG.


1. The net slaughtered chicken, into the boiling pot boil for about 2 minutes, to remove the dirt pile the net, and then increased roll, remove and dry to dry skin. Oyster first coated, then cover honey in the skin. Pig fat cut into thin slices, the remaining oyster sauce, honey, MSG and two soup in a bowl, tune into the feed juice.

2. stir frying pan, in the bottom of the pot stickers pig fat slice, fry grease secretion, i.e. the meat on the side surface of the egg. Fry until both sides of the legs, threatening yellowish, add ginger, green onions and mix well.

3, continued added Huadiao wine, slightly fried, the feed juice, stir to boil capped, i.e., away from the crater end; melted on again until the temperature is slightly smaller. 8 and so forth, which the chicken body sheep turn 3 times, i.e. each side of stew, for an end away from the crater twice; and so forth Annealing Bureau, about 12 minutes, and finally 1 side away from the crater, needed to be 3 minutes, only mortgage cover.

4, remove the ginger, onions, diesel oil, remove the chicken, diced chicken tiling shape when loading, pour juice in the face Serve.

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