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What are the suitable places for running in guangzhou? Guangzhou running route

OHTN2017-10-24Aix XinLe

Running is a healthy and easy sport, running shoes runway can start running it. In my big Guangzhou, along the beautiful scenery but also suitable for jogging route, how will the lack of it? Move it! Love sports kids, use your measured pace of beautiful Canton, use your eyes and discover Guangzhou's wonderful, run it old broad who!

What are the suitable places for running in guangzhou? Guangzhou running route

Recommended Line 1: Ershadao

Ershadao sufficient amount of green space green, green land with a total area of ​​29 thousand square meters, is the city of Guangzhou natural river oasis, sidewalk turned four km Green Road, within walking cycling around the island. Scenery Ershadao Needless to say it, there's four parks, suitable for a variety of sports Oh!

Recommended Line 2: Riverside Road

Friends of the morning is the best time to run, very quiet morning Binjiang Road on both sides of the river gentle, the sun will not be so enthusiastic, riverside slight morning breeze blowing, let the kids run the comfortable and cozy. Roadside signs have a clear reminders, from which section of the road is a section of the road where the number of kilometers, so that the faithful run a pretty good idea. Haizhu District, across from the White Swan Pond Zhoutouzui park has been run Haiyin Park, along about 5-6 km, passing through Haizhu Bridge, Jiefang Bridge, the Bay Bridge and Haiyin bridge, beautiful scenery, the weather is sunny can be seen in front of the waistline more run closer, love this running routes.

Recommended Line Three: Tianhe Sports Center peripherals

Tianhe Sports Center perimeter road is flat brick road, a lot of running friends like this zipper. Sports Road near the subway station along the route there are numerous convenience stores and bakeries, public toilets Sports West, supporting more complete. Can finish diagonally across the square in front of the sports center (near the basketball court) in CITIC doing stretching exercise, sports center Zhou Bian, there are many sports-loving friends here to play basketball, table tennis, shuttlecock, etc., very good atmosphere, allowing everyone's athletic moment alive!

Recommended Line Four: Tianhe Park

Any period of time are suitable for running, where a large green area, is a natural oxygen bar, the air is fresh, it did not bother motor vehicles, can experience the fun of running quietly.

Recommended Line Five: University City

University City Outer Ring lap distance is 16.5 km, which is about 1/3 of a marathon, especially for training preparing for the marathon. This route is relatively small car, while there are special lanes for jogging trail, it is an ideal place for training.

Recommended Line VI: Haizhu Lake

Haizhu lake is "eco-green axis" in the southern section of the axis of Guangzhou City, a beautiful environment, parks prohibit dogs, can not go outside of the vehicle, including a bicycle, and therefore will not be disturbed, and do not close until 22 o'clock at night lighting very bright, no dark corners. Lap around the park about 2.6 km, it is suitable for novice runners. Girls night run more than peer recommendations, be sure to pay attention to safety Oh!

Recommended Line Seven: Dr. Hill

Can be cross-country running, if fitness is better, you can go all the way from the foot of the hill, top of the hill around the lake around the road is relatively flat, vision is very open, you can enjoy the lake distracted when you are tired. Mountains run with some difficulty, more suitable for long-term physical activity of children, oh man.

Recommended line eight: Fangcun flowers to the river promenade

Fangcun to spend a total length of 8.44 km of the river 'first Fangcun River "took the river known as the" Water views corridor ", there is little running friends know. Out of the subway "Fangcun" station, has been to take the direction of the river running along the river, where you can completely avoid the crowds Pearl River, a distance of 10km exhumation is ideal for running. Guangzhou ran to find authentic cuisine will be a good choice.

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