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Best in Guangzhou Ornamental lotus route

OHTN2017-10-23Aix XinLe

Lotus Flowering: June - October, daily morning twilight closed. Fruit ripening in September - October months.

Best in Guangzhou Ornamental lotus route

Guangzhou Nansha Wetland

When summer went to Guangzhou and Zhou Bian Shanghe Shanghe best route to Nansha Wetland Guide

Nansha Wetland Scenic Spot is located in the Pearl River estuary, grown in brackish water at the junction of Hawthorn unique charm acres, planted with all kinds of flowers in the area, nearly a hundred varieties of lotus, peony, such as the Netherlands, River Creek HL, colored water lilies, fragrant water lily, is a good place for people Shanghe refreshing Pearl River Delta region.

There are scenic nine Lotus Bridge, Xianbu bridge, watching the lotus pond in full flourish, bloom, and still floated a burst of fragrance, it is refreshing, it seems like the body in the painting. The cruise Shanghe Nansha Wetland set cruise not only can enjoy the relatively short distance to the water lily, also shuttle in the lotus pond, a close contact with the lotus, is Shanghe, shooting preferred lotus.

Bus routes: Take 11 South Road, South Road 23 holiday travel fast lane, 25 bus to the south.

Car lines: Nansha Wetland Scenic Spot about 60 kilometers from downtown Guangzhou, the next "Nansha Port Expressway" through "Sixteen Chung steel base" export about 2 km from the exit to the Nansha wetlands area, after the toll station Press "Nansha Wetland "driving license points.

Best in Guangzhou Ornamental lotus route

Sanshui Lotus World

Sanshui Lotus World Shanghe best Guangzhou and Zhou Bian land Directions

Foshan Sanshui Lotus World is the world's larger, more abundant species resources, set architecture, sculpture, Dutch culture in one of the raw lotus special garden. Sanshui Lotus World covers an area of ​​1,000 acres, water area of ​​600 acres, located in the "land of plenty" tourism economic zone southeast of the city of Sanshui.

Currently, the park can watch the 480 rare varieties of lotus, which has cultivated space "Space Lotus", unearthed in Liaoning Province, "the ancient lotus" and other rare species, dozens of varieties of water lilies, including imported from Taiwan flowering seasons both ornamental and edible, fragrant while more high medicinal value of the water lily varieties, and a variety of rare aquatic plants. There diameter of 1.98 meters, can load 40 kilograms of Wang Lin and shape thousands of hundreds of aquatic varieties of flowers.

Car lines: travel by Citybus 3 lines, 631 bus to.

Car lines: Guangzhou three-wide high-speed direction at high speed exit 1 Sanshui, about two kilometers turn left to Qingyuan direction straight into the lotus Avenue to reach the terminal.

Dongguan Qiaotou

The best bridge in the town of Dongguan, Guangzhou and Zhou Bian land Shanghe Directions

Dongguan bridge in the town Dutch culture has a long history, as early as the Ming and Qing dynasties like planting flowers on every household, with thousands of acres of pond, lotus in full bloom every summer season, far and near are men of letters to this Shanghe, Yong charge. In order to reproduce the beauty of the bridge pond, in recent years, the town bridge in the town center district government high cost of land, farmland and lakes, open up 300 acres of lotus lake, extensive cultivation lotus, lotus continuation of the town bridge cultural history. Now, the bridge in the town of 16 Murai, each village has a large and small pond, "a pond a species", planted lotus, forming a complete bridge Shanghe landscape, and now, the town has again become the Pearl River Delta bridge Shanghe one of the areas best attractions.

Bus routes: Take 75 Road, 79 Road, 84 Road, 106 Road, 109 Road, 305 bus routes go.

Heshan Gulao Water

Guangzhou and Zhou Bian Shanghe best route to guide Heshan Gulao Water

Heshan labor is the most typical ancient fishing village Pearl River Delta region, a long and beautiful Xijiang River levee to separate, Tsutsumiuchi has a fish pond of different sizes, there is a piece full of lush green or Jin Cancan crops or farmland, a section of Hypericum quartzite paved by the winds around the whole rivers and lakes. Water occasionally dotted with small stone bridge and a seat mottled thick banyan, especially in the evening smoke rising from the farmhouse mallard mallard scenery, people mind being cluster swing, leisurely longing. "Bridges people," Water is the most beautiful pictures!

Now people mentioned Gulao River, which is always linked with Lotus World. In fact, all along, rivers and lakes also travel enthusiasts Shanghe, the best choice for shooting charge. It is reported that every lotus blossom season, Lotus World Water Gulao cross the waves rolling nature area of ​​hundreds of acres will become the first choice of tourists. Since ancient times, labor and tourism development center was established, it has been used as Lotus World Water Tour flagship product to promote. Near flowers season, there will be frequent fishing boat out and enjoy the lotus, lotus Son increased. Take a small boat, they are free of water scooped dark green, light-filled plants lifted, feel the southern rivers and lakes leisurely style. Under the hot sun in the sky, there are people pick lotus leaf pieces worn on the head when the hat, do not have some fun.

Car lines: take the bus to the ancient labor Heshan town green car up.

Car lines: Guangzhou - Expressway - State Road Kaiping --325 - Tangkou - three years Ying Lung Lau - spiritual source - Canadian village four Howe House - spiritual source - Lily Yongan town Majianglong towers group - - xiangang town JJ Leary stone floor - Chikan town - the town of Datong Chishui village Sunrise House, Yiyun House - Tangkou Zili village towers group and the party's floor lamp - Li garden - Heshan Gulao River.

South China Botanical Garden in Guangzhou

Guangzhou, South China Botanical Garden in Guangzhou and Zhou Bian route guide to the best Shanghe

Held in summer, planted on the lake hundreds of South China Botanical Garden lotus, water lilies and aquatic flowers bloom, into the best viewing season. One of the most striking is the one thousand lotus, which is the lotus treasures, very rare. It is understood that the South China Botanical Garden, now planted with "one thousand lotus", "Yiliang one thousand" and "Extreme one thousand," three one thousand lotus varieties. Best viewing period: early June last until the end of August.

Bus routes: Take 28,30,39,83,84A, 84,494,534,535,564, B12, 10 Road to the night.

Car lines: South China Expressway (northbound), Yuen Kong exports, ahead three kilometers; South China Expressway (southbound), Cave exit 1 km before the U-turn; Beltway (northbound), Guangzhou-Shantou exit, turn around before 5 km; the inner ring road, Guangyuan Expressway, take the Guangzhou-Shantou Highway direction.

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