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Guangzhou Sham Tseng Village

OHTN2017-10-16Aix XinLe

Sham Tseng Village is a country with 700 years of history of the village, formerly known as "King's Village", located in the southwest of Guangzhou Long Island, the land area of ​​2.635 square kilometers, the resident population of more than 5,000 people, the village due to widespread deep wells, then people altogether call it "deep village."

Guangzhou Sham Tseng Village

Deep village is one of the better preserved Guangzhou ancient village, the village has preserved many years of building, a large number of ancient houses, temples, towers, and continued Lingnan's style, and the West is different in the Customs House that deep well of building absorbed the village of Hakka-style architectural features towers and western pillars, gate, patterns, etc., several architectural style blend, showing that when people understand and reproduction of different cultures.

Cheung Chau used to be a distribution center for foreign trade, deep villagers more engaged in stevedoring, shipbuilding, business and other villagers living rich, village building beautiful, big house brick, stone streets with a PRD-style abound, which Kyrgyzstan Square, Qi West Wing and yang in ancient houses the largest concentration of three. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to a deep ancient houses Xiguan big house style, but also absorbed the Hakka-style architectural features pillars, gate, towers and patterns and other Western-style, leaving the imprint of Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges.

Guangzhou Sham Tseng Village

Bamboo Gang Foreigners Cemetery

From deep village out walking the other direction, after King spent large farms, then walk about ten minutes, you can reach the Bamboo Gang foreigners Cemetery. Around the Opium War, as Cheung Chau Island, Sham Tseng Hong Kong wide depth gradually become businessmen gathered, ship the shuttle and parked trade port, Bamboo Gang foreigner cemetery is the burial due to illness and accident died in Guangzhou foreign businessmen doing business in China, local government officials. Cemetery where the Bamboo Gang, commonly known as fan kwai mountain, the mountain erected on the number of acres of varying sizes, a variety of text engraved tombstone dozens of pieces, most of which have been moved out or destroyed, more than the existing block central depository, for another day finishing repair.

Scenic Area Address: Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Huangpu District in southwestern Island

Car lines: the city of Guangzhou to sit in the dock or fish-new Island ferry dock on the island, on the island multiply 332,383, 12 and 65 night holidays and other road Bus Line bus and get off at the deep market up station.

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