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Guangzhou tourist souvenirs copper tin

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As early as the Warring States period, the Lingnan region has entered the Bronze Age. The earliest archaeological finds of bronze Guangzhou to count Nanyue King's boutique, a continuation of ancient bronze process has not been interrupted. Ming and Qing Dynasties, Guangdong copper tin handicraft manufacturing more concentrated in the more developed cities, such as Guangzhou, Foshan, Chaozhou. The late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China, Guangzhou copper-tin-manufacturing industry reached its peak, off the West formed a "beat copper Street." According to information overload, when the "black and white lead was cooked into copper, tin, compared with the native copper and each is made by the workers, consignment shop in copper and iron, pin each row mainland ports and West and North." At that time saying "the kind of Suzhou, Guangzhou Carpenter."

Guangzhou tourist souvenirs copper tin

Guangdong Folk Art Museum, according to experts, copper, tin ware broadly divided into musical instruments, household utensils, for devices, and other crafts. Musical instruments gongs, cymbals, drums, flute and so on; daily necessities pots, stoves, boxes, pots, cups, mirrors, pots, bowls, chopsticks until mosquito net hooks, buttons, etc.; incense table, statues, and other ceremonial is for an Daoqiangjianji . Commodity type and application up to the most extensive, almost throughout all spheres of life. Until the late 1960s, the general West off people also maintained the number of pieces of the home bronze. But the "Cultural Revolution" before and after the catastrophe suffered folk household copper utensils, has almost disappeared. In recent years, a small number of private collectors who try to collect collections, but far from difficult to restore the old style.

Save some copper-tin 60s by the first century in the late Qing Dynasty folk collectors Su home. The manufacturing process is divided into two types of casting and chipped. Casting mold to cast molding, mainly for artwork; chipped thin sheet of copper, tin, made by molding or percussion hammer, in most commodity, "playing copper Street" that comes out. After playing molding, also through the appliance chisel, carving, carving, batch, mosaics and other crafts decorated processing. Copper-tin delicate decorative surface patterns, concise blade, smooth lines, and diverse subject matter. Casting products also reflect the level of smelting. There is a class of coins line, specifically to mature into a copper line drawn aside, made of small pieces. With the disappearance of these traditional crafts "playing copper Street" That old percussion die out.

It is alive memories of a handful of veteran artists, the late Qing Dynasty playing prosperous copper line workers more than 2,000 people, to the Republic of seventh and eight hundred, very popular. Water chimney manufacturing, when the height of dozens, each capital are thousands of silver dollars, sales in addition to the four townships of the province and around the far Southeast Asia. By the mid-1930s, social changes, the prevalence of cigarettes, liberation separate manufacturing lines disappear completely. Although modern casting preserve some form of time, but no traditional skills handed down. In Guangzhou, we can say a long history of traditional copper-tin crafts basically disappeared.

Guangdong Folk Crafts Museum experts believe, there is a traditional handicraft progress of society, the market rules of natural selection process. Bronze with solid appearance ductile who love social acceptance, but with the development of society, plastic, aluminum, stainless steel and polymer materials with each passing day, copper, tin fade out the stage of history is inevitable.

Experts believe that the long history of folk arts and crafts in the South, in addition to copper-tin art research, has become a multi-disciplinary human literature, aesthetics, sociology, ethics, psychology and other subjects, especially folklore and religion. Craftsmen on behalf of the general public aesthetic trend, according to the laws of beauty create art. Along with social progress, and some may disappear arts, transformation, content, form, use will change. However, the creation is eternal. Like copper, tin this once flourishing folk arts and crafts, its research value and artistic value of long-term retention. Unfortunately, the research work is not someone to go for a more complete system of finishing.

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