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Guangzhou Five cents

OHTN2017-10-17Aix XinLe

Five cents is located in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, Welfare Road. Now temples built in the Ming Hong Wu years (1337), is a valley temple worship five cents. The concept of a Taoist temple, the temple sat south, the Qing Dynasty has written "five cents ancient concept of" four characters on a large plaque on the door. Five cents hillside, the existing head gate, the apse, the east and west vegetarian fast. Five cents for the green glazed tile eaves Shanding, well-preserved wooden architecture, exquisite new clever. Apse on the eastern side bare piece of red sandstone, has a huge footprint on the pockets, the ancients have always maintained that this is "thumb immortal track" protection down. Ming and Qing dynasties, there were a "spike Cave Days" and "five Xianxia hole" included eight scenic spots.

Guangzhou Five cents

Five cents repeated construction waste on the history, present site also experienced many changes. According to historical records: the Northern Song Dynasty built in Guangzhou to enshrine five fairy monastery; Southern Song Dynasty Jiading years (1208 - 1224) moved to Lake Yuye temples near the pool, which is now West Lake Road, said Feng true concept; the Southern Song Dynasty and has moved Guang-ren Road; Hongwu first year (1368) five cents destroyed by fire; Hong Wu up to ten years (1377), and finally to its present site relocation Welfare Road slope Hill Lane, who presided over the construction in Guangdong province Si governor Zhao Jian. Ming and Qing Dynasties, five cents grand scale quite spectacular, as many as a dozen of the palace. Original screen wall, arch, gate, nave, apse, there is something both fasting, ternary Hall, Gallery veranda and the like. Screen wall, arch, nave, three temple veranda and gallery have gone, only ceremonial gate for visitors, the apse, east, fasting, Lent and the West, "the first floor Lingnan" and some other old buildings.

Guangzhou Five cents

Scenic Area Address: Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Welfare Road 233

Car lines: Guangzhou city by bus 3,6,66,74,82,124,217,227,541 up at Welfare Road station.

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