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Guangzhou local traditional snack Seto powder

OHTN2017-10-23Aix XinLe

Seto powder is Guangdong snack, looks a bit like Guilin rice noodles, long vermicelli is actually the latter to mixing hot water with sticky rice and polished rice after made, and taste is more smooth than Guilin rice noodles.

Guangzhou local traditional snack Seto powder

Seto powder, in fact originated not in Guangzhou, but in Zhongshan. Seto powder called, is a kind of long vermicelli with rice flour after polished rice after mixing hot water produced. Generally, we eat rice and rice noodles different, Seto powder eat is its sticky Ruannuo feel, slip and water Ruannuo vermicelli combination of this taste in Guangzhou 8 to 80 years old like.

Seto powder materials with each store is different, some with burn duck, silk eggs, ham, peanuts this way of eating is more crispy. The traditional way of eating is with lard, shrimp, mushrooms, spicy has not spicy mustard.

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