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Guangzhou cuisine Qingping chicken

OHTN2017-10-21Aix XinLe

Known as "the first Guangzhou chicken," said the "Qingping chicken" is the innovation on the basis of poached chicken. 80s, Qingping street between the restaurant, the chef Wang Yuan not boiled, but by brine soaked and cooked, then cold brine is too cold, the taste of natural brine seep in chicken. The brine prolonged does not give up, became Chen old chicken soup, strong taste, dip the chicken is particularly delicious, Picuirouhua use. Since then, "Qingping chicken" spread like wildfire.

Guangzhou cuisine Qingping chicken


Qingping chicken first in 1981, the daily sales rose from 20-1000 only, the highest record was in 1996 Mid-Autumn Festival, breaking the 10,000 mark in 1983, Guangzhou City, the second dishes than the United States reviews, as brand-name food 1988, Qingping chicken won the national Golden Tripod Department of commerce, in 1993 and won the title ten famous chicken Guangdong Province. When Qingping hotel Baohua Road branch opened in 1994, the mayor of Guangzhou Li sub-streams for the ribbon-cutting, and the inscription: "Qingping chicken, Guangzhou, the first chicken."

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