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Guangzhou features snack Chestnut cake

OHTN2017-10-23Aix XinLe

Chestnut cake Guangdong Guangzhou Han class cuisine. Tong Pan horseshoe horseshoe cake (water chestnut) into a thick chestnut flour watered or dry sugar steaming. "Pan Tong horseshoe cake" is the use of a local specialty chestnut flour as raw materials in the production of sugar first fry dissolved into the slightly yellow syrup, then transferred to medium rare horseshoe half slip, and then steamed over high heat.

Guangzhou features snack Chestnut cake

Tong Pan horseshoe cake cake thereof which transparent golden color, smooth and flexible, and with a number of horseshoe taste fresh, especially tasty. People enjoy twelve chestnut cake at tea after a meal, really do not have a fresh taste. Historically horseshoe cake Tong Pan horseshoe steamed production system is the best. Its beautiful color, crystal clear, transparent, smooth, sweet, Guangzhou is one of the favorite breakfast.


raw material

Water chestnuts 750 g, 500 g of milk, 250 g water chestnut powder, 50 grams of wheat starch, 500 grams of sugar, 3 eggs, 100 grams lard.


1. The horseshoe after peeled, cut into Ding (about the size of a small finger, and then can be cut smaller).

2. chestnut powder into a container, into the cup of cold water, stir into juice chestnut flour, put aside spare.

3. Add 3 cups of water to the pot, and then the sugar was added sheets, firing boil water to dissolve all the sugar sheet, turn off the heat.

4. The chestnut flour against the good juice, stir it again, then rushed to the cooked sugar, and slowly stir into a thick paste.

The horseshoe-butoxy then added, mix well.

6. the mold prior brush on a layer of vegetable oil, water chestnut paste into the model, and with a plastic scraper screed surface, into the steamer, steaming the fire 20 minutes remove and let cool, then put in the refrigerator through the ice can be removed to , stripping, cut into small pieces can be.

7. make the chestnut cake, you can also hang the egg, dip some starch into the pan fried and then eat tastes good.

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