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Guangzhou Dishuiyan Forest Park

OHTN2017-10-17Aix XinLe

Guangzhou Dishuiyan Forest Park is located in Panyu district town of Sandy Bay, dripping rock Forest Park, formerly known as the dripping rock Bird Reserve, a protected area since 1997, where it becomes a paradise for birds and wildlife.

Guangzhou Dishuiyan Forest Park

Entering the park, vast world it is refreshing. East Gate Plaza on the tree-lined, open-air leisure dotted with stone bench, revealing the heaven of momentum. More fascinating, is hidden behind Lin Yin picturesque scene. So Wonderland is not to create artificial, but from spring water dripping rock flowing down here forms a natural pond. If you think this is in the mountains and spring water contact is not fun, it would have to continue along Hill Road, until the discovery of the mountain beck time before we can truly appreciate the wonders of dripping rock. A third seat Panyu district Mountains Are Green dill peaks in the park.

Guangzhou Dishuiyan Forest Park

According to legend, 4000 years ago, the ancient Qing Luo peaks in a Gulf Island, and later in the course of the Pearl River Delta alluvial, the Island still stands on the plain, like a barrier, there is a lush mountain nearby plus Gang called "dill mountain", so the name "green radish peaks."


Scenic Area Address: Bay Village in Taoyuan Town Village Church dense inner side of the fire brigade Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

Car lines: Guangzhou city by bus Fan 29 in Forest Park Station and get off Dishuiyan up.

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