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Guangzhou Huadu Stones Mineral Park

OHTN2017-10-16Aix XinLe

Stones Mineral Park is located in Huadu District, Guangzhou City, Grand View Road No. 1 jewelry to rocks, fossils, precious stones theme, popular science education, leisure shopping, tourism as a whole, is the world's first gem mineral-themed amusement park, and zoo, botanical garden contrast, focus projection, own style.

Guangzhou Huadu Stones Mineral Park

Stones Mineral Park in August 2009 the park opened, the park covers an area of ​​70 acres, the main building area of ​​17,777 square meters, the park contains the stone floor, stone underground world, with a Kistler, fossils, gemstones theme park. To date, the entire mineral Park has invested over 100 million yuan. At present, various types of minerals on display garden varieties more than 2000 kinds of minerals, the number reached as many as ten thousand. In 2010, the Stones Mineral Park was awarded the "Huadu District, popular science education base," the title of Huadu District, Guangzhou City.

Guangzhou Huadu Stones Mineral Park

Ground sesame, grass, such as shade, rocks throughout. Standing in front of the fan-shaped main building is a stone with 91 balls (each tablet weighs 1.5 tons, 100 cm in diameter) built by piling pyramid, the extraordinary momentum, a symbol of Jiujiuguiyi, leading to eternity. The park also has a very special "ancient forests", that is petrified wood pavilion. Hundreds of millions of years-old petrified wood plants "grow" in which tourists walking in the "forest trails", feel the breath from ancient forests, lamented the magic of nature's creatures, in front of the "ancient forest" is a square lawn , clear water surrounded by wonderful Tuyan, fish big splash, the central lawn is a Tang Dynasty-style shrine, dedicated to Avalokitesvara, meaning good weather, peace and prosperity. Lawn beneath the hidden underground car park with a capacity of two hundred car, so that visitors car suffer from the sun and rain. Park, we also creatively built a five-star gem bathroom, which employ a large number of precious stones element, colorful, crystal clear, bring tourists spiritual pleasure.

Mysterious underground treasures, including the time tunnel, meteor stone, amber beeswax, glowing pearl, pass the country Yuxi, Feast, Magic Stone and so on exhibition. Feast which ranks first among the ancient stone feast Guinness, the dream of ocean coral and Crystal Worlds Crystal Goddess of Mercy, composed XII highlights mysterious treasure. Visitors first video of "Stone story", and then sequentially into the different themed areas, feel wonderful process various minerals formed in the auditorium through. Meteor stone pavilion showcases a gift from outside the earth; glowing pearl exhibition hall you will enjoy the magical luminous stone; crystal ore earth is millions of years of Keebler, leading to the spirit of the universe in stone; the stone with its four national colors attract your eye. Theme malls prepared Stones classic products, allowing visitors to enjoy a happy shopping origin of wit. Romantic crystal restaurant serves wine, coffee and other drinks and authentic cuisine to visitors, its unique crystal elements, full of mystery, fantasy atmosphere give visitors an unforgettable experience, business exchanges, a good place portrait dating.

Scenic Area Address: Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Huadu District No. 1 Jewelery City, Grand View Road

Car lines: Guangzhou Huadu District, the city by bus 9,21 Stones to stop that.

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