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Guangzhou Huadu Bai Zhang high

OHTN2017-10-18Aix XinLe

Baizhang high since ancient times is one of the eight Huaxian County, known as the "Baizhang Qing Luan", with famous rock around the strange rocks. High Baizhang greatest rock cliff face south-east, a hundred sixty years ago there was a monk on this cliff carved "Baizhang Qing Luan" four characters, still legible, vigorous and effective. This area there are many famous stones, such as "Thunder split stone", "the brother bun", "stone coffin", "Drunkard stone" and so on, are based on the shape and the name. Here lush woods, inexhaustible spring, form a multi-stage cascade, do not have scenery.

Guangzhou Huadu Bai Zhang high

Qing Kang Xi twenty-six years, when the first repair Huaxian County county magistrate Wang name recruiting literati comment Huaxian County eight, when they saw the dawn of the cave Chaomu Yuqing, haze lock protection, the beginning was the scene as if lingering high Baizhang Mountains , named crown King, were on "Pangu haze"; ascend the mountain, view of the rugged rocks, which a thousand yards high, overlooking the mountains, emerald roll-stricken, as Asian scene, were on "Baizhang Qing Luan." The mountain due to these two views, so many Mystics, leaving a large number of wonderful poems.

Baizhang high altitude 485 meters. From which, seen heavy crest the ridge, rolling like the sea; when sound silent mountains, waterfalls visible everywhere, jagged rocks, but also draws like there was a gas. Xinyu Ji of the early time, mountain fog lifted, dived, mountain breeze whistling, blowing Lin Tao, cloud division, the peaks do not, heaven and earth wilderness; dived, chaotic beginning, peaks such as Li clouds , just like the Eight Immortals ride paradise on earth ;; few moments, scattered clouds, fog make, blue sky, long white clouds, clear mountain streams, gently wipe off the earth Red and felt hate, are forgotten, relaxed and happy.

Guangzhou Huadu Bai Zhang high

In high Baizhang empty basin and around the country Pangu legend Yao, in fact, it is a tribal center. Yao Ming Dynasty transverse drift leader Tan Guanfu and early Qing spent all this mountain cottage rebels as a base. So far, there are still two mountain temple, dedicated to worship for the people of the land, one temple site, one Tanxian Gong temple; a lot of people come from afar, so strong incense.

Scenic Area Address: Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Huadu District staircase of the town of Man Village

Car lines: Guangzhou city by bus took 65 off the ladder and then take a taxi to the bus station side.

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