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Hong Kong tea ware museum

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Formerly known as the Museum of Tea Ware Flagstaff House, also known as the flagpole house, located in 10 Cotton Tree Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong within the park. The two-storey high building, once the commander in chief of the British colonial Hong Kong in Hong Kong, the official residence of Hong Kong's oldest British colonial buildings. Museum of Tea Ware is one of Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the museum, is also a branch of the Hong Kong Museum of Art, exhibition of various Chinese Tea Ware. Hong Kong witnessed the building a hundred years of colonial history, historical value is very high, has been listed as monuments in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong tea ware museum

Official residence was built in 1846, then known as the commander of the headquarters building, is part of the Victoria Barracks, became the office and residence of the British commander in chief in Hong Kong, the first general use of the building is the British Embassy Lu Jun chief D'Aguilar Major General. In 1932, the official residence renamed Flagstaff House (no early Air Force, it is not known Flagstaff). During World War II, it was the Japanese shells blew the roof, repaired by the commander of the Japanese army used as the official residence. After the war the building once again became a British Flagstaff House. In 1978, the building with the transfer of the former Victoria Barracks to the Hong Kong Government to develop and change of use. July 1984, the site was changed to Museum of Tea Ware. In 1995, the Museum of Tea Ware build a new wing of Luo Guixiang tea houses, inaugurated on December 14 the same year, to showcase Hong Kong Flagstaff collector Luo Guixiang donated exhibits.

Two-story exhibition hall is divided into six zones, the exhibition introduces the history of the Chinese people drink tea, featuring all kinds of tea from the Tang Dynasty to modern times. The basic collection donated by Luo Guixiang, of which the most representative Yixing tea sets, Chinese ceramics are also on display and seal. The museum regularly organizes pottery demonstration, tea events and seminars and other activities to promote ceramic art and Chinese tea culture.

The building is a classical Greek Revival-style building, the entire building with granite manufacture, Jian Jie design, with the British colonial. Due to the lack of Architects, Hong Kong's Western-style building mostly modeled on the early British architectural style, and adapt to local technical, material and the hot and humid climate and make the appropriate changes. Flagstaff House is by the British military engineers refer to the "manual mode" design, modeled on the Greenwich mansion of Queen (Queen's House at Greenwich) to build, and then in response to Hong Kong's subtropical climate and environmental improvements, such as adding wide verandas, high-rise bottom, pitched roofs, wooden shutters, will help cool air and away from direct sunlight.

Scenic Area Address: Western Cotton Tree Road 10 within Hong Kong park

Bus routes: Take 12 Road, 23 bus route.

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