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Guangzhou Eighteen Forest Park

OHTN2017-10-16Aix XinLe

Guangzhou Eighteen Forest Park is south of Panyu District, "heart", rich in forest resources, science research value not only beautiful historical and cultural legends, and ancient geology, skin grafting and so on.

Guangzhou Eighteen Forest Park

Eighteen Hill South Panyu rare piece Sen Linqiu, the spindle length 3.1 km and a width of two kilometers, with a total area of ​​5048 acres, the highest point above sea level is 127.3 meters. Currently, the mountains there are clouds outlook, Kwun Tong, Sin Temple, Tin Hau Temple, water, moon and other outlook temple, legend Eighteen stone, Mei Lang and cloth Mother and other natural landscape of forests, Youhe, Lake ditch, offers a relaxing holiday for people, sightseeing, entertainment venues and health science education.

Guangzhou Eighteen Forest Park

Eighteen Forest Park, the seasons have designed different theme scenic spots, such as during the Spring Festival, peach, plum, plum garden, flowers, for the festival adds a lot of festive colors; March and April, azaleas mountains and plains, nearly 10 Different colors of azaleas bloom, large blocks of scenery will make people linger; the summer, you can watch the large and elegant fine leaved Ziwei, Lagerstroemia specious forest; late summer, the mountain three kilometers Huang Huai, 3 km Bauhinia full of yellow and purple flowers, to add a large mountain rich colors. Today, it is the best time to watch the leaves coral piano, introduction area where the park is the largest in Guangdong.

Scenic Area Address: Dagang prosperity Road Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

Car lines: Guangzhou Panyu city by 132 Road, 42 bus up Nansha Nansha village stop.

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