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Chinese Tourists Resuming Tourism in Australia: Australia Launches New Tourism Service Plan

Chinese tourists, Australian tourism, tourism service plan, tourism safety, tou2023-03-18Aix XinLe

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Australia's tourism industry has been greatly impacted. However, with the improvement of vaccination rates and the strengthening of tourism epidemic prevention measures, Chinese tourists are gradually resuming their tourism to Australia. According to data from the Australian Tourism Administration, in January 2022, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Australia increased by 78% year-on-year.

In order to further promote the development of Australia's tourism industry, the Australian government has also launched a new tourism service plan. The plan aims to provide safer and more convenient tourism services for tourists and improve their tourism experience.

Specifically, the plan includes the following aspects:

1. Strengthen tourism safety. The government will strengthen the disinfection and cleaning of tourist attractions, improve epidemic prevention measures in tourist attractions, and ensure the safety of tourists.

Provide more convenient tourism services. The government will strengthen supervision of the tourism industry and promote tourism enterprises to provide more convenient tourism services, such as online booking, electronic tickets, and other services.

Promote the development of tourism economy. The government will encourage tourism enterprises to invest in the construction of tourism facilities and improve the competitiveness of the tourism industry through tax cuts and subsidies.

In a word, with the increase of vaccination rate of COVID-19 in Australia and the strengthening of tourism epidemic prevention measures, Chinese tourists have gradually resumed traveling to Australia. The Australian government has also launched a new tourism service plan to provide safer and more convenient tourism services for tourists and promote the development of the tourism economy. We believe that with the joint efforts of the government and the tourism industry, Australia's tourism industry will usher in a more prosperous future.

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