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Queen's Square, Hongkong

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Statue Square (English: Statue Square) is a square of Hong Kong, is located in Central, Hong Kong, as early Ciudad Victoria Square landmark building. With the fall of Hong Kong and Urban Development after the war, Statue Square currently has no statue of the British royal family, retaining only a bronze statue commemorating Jackson banker Sir. Government in the 1960s to rebuild the square now looks for public open space purposes.

Queen's Square, Hongkong

Statue Square, formerly known as the Central Plaza, the land is reclaimed land in the 1880s. To commemorate the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria ascended the throne, the government cast a bronze statue of a queen, and the opening in the central square on May 28, 1896. Queen statue weighing 3 tons, is placed inside the central core of the square (Chater Road Street junction with the Wardley) of the dome base kiosks, and the Statue berth (first generation QP) axis configuration. In 1897, the government renamed the central square Statue Square, the word "Queen" is actually the English government officials, "Queen" of the term "Queen" due to mistranslation.

Queen's Square, Hongkong

Southern Plaza is a lawn, the central through Des Voeux Road Central and Chater Road Wardley Street. July 5, 1902, the Duke of Connaught (third son of Queen Victoria) bronze statue donated by the legislation Chater, was placed in Statue Square (after the 1907 reform put in Connaught Road). In recognition of the contribution of Jackson Jazz general manager of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation of Hong Kong's economy, in 1906 he won a bronze statue placed in the Plaza, HSBC donated by the legislation. The northern part of the square to place a statue of the British royal family, including King Edward VII and George V statue, the statue are two to February 6, 1907 by the Duke of Connaught visiting the dry officially kicked off, respectively, by Chater and Bell. Ai Erfen (Bell Irving) tax legislation. November 25, 1909, Edward VII plaza placed his wife Princess Alexandra Queen (Queen Alexandra) George V and his wife Queen Mary (Queen Mary) statue were donated by the public and Mody stand. May 3, 1923, the square is placed a bronze statue of Governor Francis Henry May. The same month on the 24th, the square is placed "HSBC staff to commemorate the sacrifice of World War I like." In the same year, the north east of the square of the peace monument built to commemorate the fallen soldiers in the First World War. Height, Statue Square in a total of nine bronze statue.

During the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, Queen statue Statue Square in the Japanese shipped to Japan, ready to melt away as the raw material to make weapons. The dome pavilion seats were stone tablets inscribed with the occupation of Hong Kong reported encyclical letters, declaring Hong Kong has been occupied by Japan. After World War II, dome pavilion seat because of unbearable destruction be dismantled, and Chater Road to be widened. Hong Kong Government Retriever Allied headquarters in Japan through King Edward VII Kang Li (later shipped back to the UK), Queen Victoria and Sir Jackson statue, bronze statue of Sir Jackson Statue Square later relocated to the south, while Victoria Queen of the heavy bronze statue placed in 1957 and completed in Victoria Park. Since English is the name of Statue Square Statue Square, which means "statue Plaza", many people mistakenly think that the field is due to the Statue Square, named after the statue of Sir Jackson.

Queen's Square, Hongkong

Government to rebuild the Statue Square in the 1950s, plus built fountains, gazebos and landscaping facilities, with Bauhaus architectural style. Plaza north of Connaught Road pedestrian tunnel on April 2, 1959 is enabled, Hong Kong's first pedestrian tunnel linking Edinburgh Place Ferry and Hong Kong City Hall. February 12, 1980, MTR Station and Statue Square is located in the entrance (K exports) is enabled, a steady stream of pedestrians become a characteristic scene Statue Square on weekdays.

Located in Statue Square in Central Business District, since the 1960s has become a major venues such as the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong to commemorate the festival and other large public events, as the Supreme Court Building alterations to the Legislative Council Building in 1985, the Statue Square and cover play garden has become a major venue for meetings and demonstrations. In the 1990s, with the arrival of Filipino domestic helpers weekends and holidays are open rally in the square area, Chater Road in holiday are designated as a pedestrian zone, a number of columnists Statue Square will once ridiculed as "Bin sister Square."

Since 2003, Statue Square will be held in December each year in Hong Kong Winterfest, modeled on the town of Santa Claus, North Europe and Finland arrangement Square area, and there are in Hong Kong's tallest outdoor Christmas tree has become an annual special events.

Scenic Area Address: in Western Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong

Bus routes: Take 1,5,10,26 air-conditioned bus to the road.

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