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Hong Kong Heung Hoi Chi Hong

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  Heung Hoi Chi Hong is a Triassic in Tsuen Wan Lo Wai Tan monastery. Its shape is like a fishing boat, and the banks of the lake was built in the Triassic, during the rainy season, water gurgling Stream, so it is also known as the "Temple of the ship."

Hong Kong Heung Hoi Chi Hong

  Heung Hoi Chi Hong main temple dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy. In the Buddhist scriptures, the Bodhisattva is salvation, driving down Merciful. "Sweet sea" in the classic Buddhist refers inland sea around Mount Meru, and make perfume, also refers to Buddhism.

  Heung Hoi Chi Hong was built in 1960, where formerly named "Guanyinyan." Lo Wai villagers reportedly modeled by the South China Sea fishing boat modeling to design the construction, building materials, is part of Lake Triassic rocks [2]. It is reported that, as former Heung Hoi Chi Hong Lu Zu temple, were wide and the Master Fuji was a friend of Taoism, was appointed as abbot Lu Zu.

Hong Kong Heung Hoi Chi Hong

  Heung Hoi Chi Hong Guan Gong bow stands as law enforcement, the front cabin is Xuyun Jackson Memorial, middle cabin is wide pioneer ancestors were master Memorial, dedicated to the rear cabin and Thousand Bodhisattva Jizo Yuantong stern there are white Guanyin statue. Over a wide Memorial were masters, Lu Zu is dedicated to the "Lv Zufei really should be of the altar." Lu Zu is a famous Taoist immortal, is one of the Eight Immortals. Hanging in the center of the altar "Der Spiegel Africa and Taiwan" hengbian. Der quadword but non-station by the Buddhist Jiyu Liuzuhuineng Zen: "Lime-tree, nor stand mirror, had no one first.where.".

  In addition, Heung Hoi Chi Hong west has a "cloud even the Bridge" connecting the other side of the lake across the Triassic. The east there is a small temple, "Chao Yin Nunnery", the main entrance facing position on the mountain Kwai Chung area. Calmly walked the ground with a gourd-shaped pond, was written next to the Earth Temple, "a well-intentioned mother father very fair."

Scenic Area Address: Hong Kong, Tsuen Wan Lo Wai Tan Triassic.

Car lines: Tsuen Wan Siu and GMB Street Station, take the green minibus line 81, get off at the West Temple, go down along the ramp for about 5 minutes to see the words "Heung Hoi Chi Hong," the signs, go under paragraph cascade can be reached.

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