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Hong Kong Tai Mo Shan Country Park

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Tai Mo Shan Country Park in Hong Kong Government to establish in February 1979. It is the highest in Hong Kong country park. Tai Mo Shan, Tsuen Wan, New Territories in Hong Kong is located very peak of Tai Mo Shan (958 m) area. Covers an area of ​​1400 hectares, the park has always been a hobby of mountaineering hikers. Peak in the cold will frosting. In Tai Mo Shan Road starting point, has a mountain Rotary Park, two antique gazebo in the park around, there is considerable barbecue sites, picnic for 1,000 people. East Wei Po Nature Reserve, Southeast and Shing Mun Country Park is connected to the west there Twisk and Tai Lam Country Park separated.

Hong Kong Tai Mo Shan Country Park

Tai Mo Shan Country Park include a range east of Route Twisk, mountains to the west and north of the Shing Mun Country Park, east of Tai Po □, south along the Lam Tsuen Valley, including major mountains of Tai Mo Shan, an area of ​​1640 hectares. Tai Mo Shan Country Park is a popular place for a picnic and barbecue Hong Kong. Since the area is mountainous Tai Mo Shan, the former district farmers can only grow rice and vegetables as personal use, while tea has also Tai Mo Shan area is a thriving industry, one kind of green tea produced here has been famous. In the high slopes of Tai Mo Shan, go down herringbone terraces still visible, according to legend this is the seventeenth century once vibrant tea plantation ruins.

Located in Tai Mo Shan Road, Tai Mo Shan Country Park Visitor Center, through different types of exhibits on the history of the local village, Tai Mo Shan's geology and ecology, such as the black bird, dragonflies, butterflies, mammals and mushroom; and Recreation educational facilities, and the conservation and management of country parks. Another more offers China Polar Museum Foundation of the "three-pole data exhibition room."

Hong Kong Tai Mo Shan Country Park

Tai Mo Shan is also writing the Great Smoky Mountains and trees in country parks is dominated by pine, but which also planted acacia as a fire sector. Tai Mo Shan hillside living in high places, you can see the herringbone terraces. The former, this piece of high ground there are a lot of tea, and the tea harvest is good. But a century ago, due to the decline in tea prices, precision farming is no longer profitable.

Practice Trail starting point for hiking in the parking lot next to Tai Mo Shan, another Kellogg from short and easy path lines to choose from. Tourists ride up to the gate but also the Mid-Levels, where overlooking Tsuen Wan, Kowloon, Lam Tsuen Valley and the beautiful scenery of Guangdong Hills. Tai Mo is entirely formed of volcanic rock. There are two mountains Tai Mo Shan Country Park, Cock Ridge and machetes, are all projections of the volcanic ridge on the plains, only still retained a ribbon or scattered woodland in the valley. Plantation located in the southeast, based on climate, forest can be extended to 550 meters height to the main bush and grass. Some mix birds, snakes and other rare insects here fertility. Hiking Practice Trail: Tai Mo Shan in the foothills, this is the climbers training trails. Damaoshan family walk: This path is located Damaoshan Rotary Park, from about 1 hour to finish the entire process takes half a day before, in the country parks can breathe fresh air and see the beautiful flowers.

Scenic Area Address: east of Hong Kong Tsuen Kam Road, mountains to the west and north of the Shing Mun Country Park, Tai Po east, south along the Lam Tsuen Valley

Car lines: Tsuen Wan MTR Station 5-minute walk Zhongzhi Chuan Long street and take green minibus No. 80 that is to

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