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Hong Kong Pat Sin Leng Country Park

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Pat Sin Leng Country Park (delineated on April 7, 1978) is one of Hong Kong's country parks, located in the northeast New Territories, Hong Kong Pat Sin Leng, covering 3,125 hectares, adjacent to the nearby Plover Cove Country Park. Pat Sin Leng highest peaks over 550 meters above sea level, overlooking the rolling hills and views of Tolo Harbor. In addition, the Bride's Pool is one of the main attractions of the country park. And Pat Sin Leng particular area is also located in the Pat Sin Leng Country Park.

Hong Kong Pat Sin Leng Country Park

Pat Sin Leng Country Park is full of myths and legends of the Pat Sin Leng, beautiful mountains of the Cape salary Tong and Hong Kong's longest Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail and so on. Near each entrance to the park, has for a picnic, barbecue stove and table and chair used by other equipment. The ninth and the tenth segment Wilson also across the inner diameter Pat Sin Leng Country Park, Long day clear air days, after walking in Wilson Ridge yellow, and plow Bishan Pat Sin Ridge ridge, the vast the outskirts of scenery can even view China's Shenzhen eleven get to enjoy, along Xiangu peak down the mountain to reach the end of Wilson Trail. Pat Sin Leng is located in the Pat Sin Leng Country Park, where hikers can enjoy away from the hustle and bustle of country music. Pat Sin Leng total of eight mountains, stretching from east to west, stretches five kilometers. The average height of the ridge is 600 meters, and the highest Huang Ling is 639 meters. North of the mountain slowly down, and Sha Tau Kok Hoi confluence of the south there are steep cliffs, scree sliding down around the connecting Sha Lo Tung.

Hong Kong Pat Sin Leng Country Park

Pat Sin Leng name, derived from the eight mountain like a Chinese classical words of the Eight Immortals, eight peaks including eight immortals named, is the easternmost of Xiangu ── fairy peak; ── Han Xiang Xiang Zi Feng; blue and ─ ─ mining and peaks; ── obviously drunk uncle Cao Feng; Li Feng Shui torrent ──; Zhang Guo old, old ── peak; ── Han Chung Chung peak; Lv Dongbin ── Chunyang peak. Pat Sin Leng Chun-yang of the main peak to peak, 591 meters high, can be described as the head of peaks, where views overlooking the Plover Cove and the New Territories.

Spring Pavilion

Spring Pavilion located in Tai Po, Hong Kong Pat Sin Leng Mountain fairy feet, located in the second leg of Pat Sin Leng Green Trail education in the Pat Sin Leng Country Park, from the inlet water conduit, which amounts to up the stone steps. Spring Pavilion backed Pat Sin Leng mountain range, facing the Plover Cove Reservoir. Spring Pavilion to commemorate the two teachers February 10, 1996 Pat Sin Leng hill fire in self-sacrifice (teacher Zhou Qi, Wang Xiumei teacher) was built. "Spring Breeze Pavilion" a, metaphorical education Motherly Love, to breed all things.

Spring Pavilion in March 1996, presided over the opening ceremony of the afternoon on the 12th by the Governor Chris Patten. "Spring Breeze Pavilion" words on hengbian spring kiosk is the painter Fang Zhao Lin (Anson mother) works of calligraphy, spring kiosks set with three inscriptions, which for the Governor unveiled the monument, on both sides, respectively by the then Hong Kong Director of Education, Mrs Helen Yu wrote bilingual inscription, described the whole incident, Tingqian two Podocarpus planted to commemorate the two teachers.

Hong Kong Pat Sin Leng Country Park

Hok Tau Reservoir

Also known as Hok Tau Reservoir, located in Pat Sin Leng Country Park West, one of Hong Kong's small reservoirs. Hok Tau Reservoir was built in 1968, is part of the Plover Cove Reservoir project, is responsible for the north-west of the Pat Sin Leng water was collected, ground water supply pipe to the Plover Cove Reservoir, and Hok Tau Reservoir is also the irrigation pond, with for nearby farmland irrigation.

Total capacity of the reservoir is only about 18 million cubic meters of concrete main dam height of 18 meters, 102.1 meters long, smaller reservoirs and quiet but beautiful environment, is a popular picnic and camping areas.

Pat Sin Leng

To the number of Hong Kong's most challenging peaks, in a continuous downhill on the number of intensive computing, Pat Sin Leng deserved. Here's eight peaks, imposing large male, named to the Eight Immortals, from the east to several cases Xiangu (fairy peak), Han Xiang (Hunan sub-peak), blue and (mining and peak), obviously drunk (Cao uncle peak ), torrent (Li Feng Shui), Chang, old (old fruit peak), from the Han Chung (Chung off-peak) and Lu Tung-pin (pure positive peak). Pat Sin Leng's peak as "pure positive peak" five hundred ninety-one meters high, is the first of the peaks, overlooking the northeast New Territories Shuitianyise landscape. Chunyang and peak of fairy tail echo peak, although only five hundred and eleven meters in height, but because of its good angle landscape, with 1996 of Pat Sin Leng hill fire tragedy, teachers and students were killed location is located Xiangu the southern slope of the peak Monkey cliff, hence giving the left a deeper impression. Commemorate the tragedy of spring pavilion, is located near the Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail entrance fairy peak south of here whenever Holidays in per capita flooded.

Scenic Area Address: Hong Kong northeastern North

Bus routes: Take the New Territories GMB 52b visit

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