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Hong Kong Chi Lin Nunnery

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Chi Lin Nunnery) Buddhism is a non-profit charitable organization in Hong Kong, set up under the homes for the aged, Chi Lin Buddhist Primary School, Chi Lin Buddhist Secondary School, Chi Lin Nunnery Ministry of Culture, Chi Lin Nunnery night's College, Chi Lin Nunnery library. In addition, Chi Lin Nunnery law would also be held on a regular basis.

Hong Kong Chi Lin Nunnery

Chi Lin Nunnery in Hong Kong hospital is located at the Chi Lin Road, Diamond Hill, Kowloon fifth, hospital Temple Church with imitation wood frame construction featuring Tang Dynasty, and the surrounding Hammer Hill Park and Nan Lian Garden Tang combined into large buildings, is one of Hong Kong's architectural features and attractions. Chi Lin Nunnery in Hong Kong is also the only "female public ten jungle" to provide a religious place for women from all over come the parties monks.


1934 reed hut by the Master and felt a Master in blue chang source such as Buddhist assistance, the establishment of a Buddhist female public ten jungle, as the venue for the monks Kiyonaga. As the impact of the civil war with the KMT and large numbers of refugees and the influx of Hong Kong, Wong Tai Sin and many settlements in the vicinity of the Diamond Hill squatter areas, the demand for social welfare services is very large, Chi Lin Nunnery offered free school in 1948 to provide educational opportunities for poor children. In 1957 a non-profit run orphanages and homes for the aged, poor housing helpless.

Hong Kong Chi Lin Nunnery

May 1988, the Hong Kong government because Tate's Cairn Tunnel and the clearance of squatter areas and Zhou Bian Chi Lin Nunnery, and support (especially active participation in the arts) reorganization plan and enthusiasts of urban government, creating a Chi Lin Nunnery reconstruction plan to rebuild homes for the elderly first, Chi Lin center, along with a Buddhist temple, schools, etc. lotus Court. Chi Lin Nunnery reconstruction project was launched in 1989, the entire reconstruction project completion on May 18, 2000, and was officially opened.

Architectural features

Chi Lin Nunnery palace of the Tang Dynasty is a Chinese traditional wooden architecture modeled using natural building materials, halls woodwork, mortise are incorporated, do not need to use nails, harmonious and beautiful proportions. Hall dedicated to the Buddha image in accordance with Buddhist scriptures describe, with reference to the Tang Dynasty statues style, thick Duan Li, its shape, fingerprints, executive Chi Fa is different, highlighting the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas unique vows and virtues.

Chi Lin Nunnery to Sheng Tang Dunhuang Mogao cave 172 north wall "Western Pure Land" chart as a planning blueprint, but also follow the example of "View Wuliangshoujing change" Buddhist temple design to the central axis as the main layout, showing a symmetrical, balanced the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty. A small part of the building technique also adopted the Japanese "and like" form. "Western Pure Land" also known as "Amitabha Sutra", is estimated by the change is one of the earliest of the Dunhuang Grottoes, the so-called "Sutra", that is, the contents of Buddhist "change" into the picture, and even sculpture Zunxiang, "West Pure Land "is a picture to describe paradise.

Scenic Area Address: Chi Lin Road, Wong Tai Sin, Hong Kong 5

Bus routes: Take 302 Road; Citybus n23, n29 Road; KMB 10,11c, 272s, 286m, 3b, 74x, 91,92,96r Road; Kowloon GMB 19a, 19m went

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