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Hong Kong Tai Wai Che Kung Temple

OHTN2017-10-13Aix XinLe
Che Kung Miu, also known as Tai Wai Che Kung Temple, commonly referred to as the Che Kung Temple, Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong, Tai Wai, a memorial of Che Kung temple, Hong Kong is a Grade II historic building. Now open to the public the temple con

Che Kung Miu, also known as Tai Wai Che Kung Temple, commonly referred to as the Che Kung Temple, Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong, Tai Wai, a memorial of Che Kung temple, Hong Kong is a Grade II historic building. Now open to the public the temple construction, reconstruction began in 1991, completed in 1994, the full cost of HK $ 5,000 million. The new Temple total area of ​​9,000 square meters, much larger than the original. After the original Che Kung Temple is located in the new building, built in the 17th century, had rebuilt the 19th century, it is not open to the public into the shrine.

Hong Kong Tai Wai Che Kung Temple

Che Kung Miu pillars on both sides of the entrance, hung a couplet: "car turn the whole world as ugly as heart changed for the better, everything changed within the public about the calamity for Cheung Fu nine." The temple on the left side of the corridor, there are more than fortune teller stalls. Che Kung Miu main hall on both sides, were built a bell tower and a drum tower, like Che Kung temple of the Lord standing on the central altar, placed on both sides of windmills, windmills urban legend can bring good luck.

Che Kung Miu enter without paying an entrance fee, but many visitors will donate some of the sesame oil to repair the temple of sponsorship spending. In recent years, part of the roof tiles of the temple there are signs of loosening, therefore the Chinese Temples Committee plans to conduct resurfacing from the temple roof tiles of the project for the temple in 2007, and at the same time launch a "tile a willing" to donate repair program, to raise money to repair the temple.

Hong Kong Tai Wai Che Kung Temple


According to legend, when Che Kung was a brave general of the Southern Song Dynasty, a native of Nanchang, Jiangxi Wufu, due to active exploration of the southern insurgency, it has been called generalissimo. Later, the Mongol armies invade, Song Jun unable to resist, retreat. Song Dinan, the flight to Hong Kong. At that time, Che Kung also among the ranks of escorting, but unfortunately he died on the way. Villagers due to read his lifetime Sadatada heroic, it deified after death.

The establishment of Tai Wai Che Kung Temple, there are two different legends, one with plague-related repression, while the other is open and Tin Sum Tsuen village of feng shui. Ming and Chong Zhen years, popular throughout the New Territories sudden epidemic. Local villagers and county historical research and found that the car generalissimo, irrelevant to the active level thief, wherever he went, the epidemic also stop immediately. So he dedicated the temple to pray to stop the epidemic. Sure enough, the day the temple into, the epidemic that is no longer there.

Another legend, when the former village of Chong Tin Sam Village, has hired a feng shui master to the village survey found that there are three rivers meet in this village before. Meanwhile, behind the pillow mountain odd sudden, very good feng shui, the most suitable for the construction of a temple, in addition to the role of town outlet seat outside, and make the village the future D booming wealth. Therefore, the villagers will finance the construction of the temple where, dedicated car Marshal.

Tai Wai Che Kung Temple has a long history, Man Mo Temple it on the ring, Chuk Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple, the temple door of the temple, tied for the four major temples in Hong Kong. Because of its peculiar geographical environment, pillow rounded mountains of lunar Venus, which was built in the foothills of the mountain left for Feng Shui "lunar B corner" of the construction method; more toad stone (to be rock stars) to town on a hilltop ; front left there are the Lion Rock and Wang Fu Shan guarding the front right needle for elegant mountain guardian; Shing Mun River, a tributary of the right hand in front of it more from the temple, winds down to the front of the temple, it should be beneficial to seek the fiscal side.

Scenic Area Address: Che Kung Miu Road, Sha Tin, Hong Kong Special Administrative District No. 7

Car lines: 1, Tai Wai MTR outlet station B, according to the preceding row signs; 2, the temple MTR outlet station B, 5-10 minutes walk

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