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Guangzhou Shun Kee dessert flavor characteristics of coconut ice cream

OHTN2017-10-21Aix XinLe

Shun Kee ice room is located in Guangzhou Baohua Road No. 79 , opened the 20th world record in the early 1930s. The store is just a store but distinctive family when it opened, with well-known for. Coconut ice cream shop has long been well-known abroad, participated in 1956 and 1983 in Guangzhou City, the United States and two-point exhibition famous dish, was rated as brand-name snacks.

Guangzhou Shun Kee dessert flavor characteristics of coconut ice cream


When a number of foreign heads of state, dignitaries, such as Cambodia's Prince Norodom Sihanouk, President of the Philippines, three princesses Shah of Iran, the Indian government's senior officials basing access, but also to taste the coconut ice cream shop for the pleasure. The early 1970s, Prince Sihanouk of Cambodia in Guangzhou rest, named to taste the coconut ice cream, then got his wish, full of praise, leaving the assessment is "well-deserved reputation." During successive Chinese Export Commodities Fair held, they are transferred to the Pan River Restaurant coconut ice cream, as a cold drink on the senior banquet.

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