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Hong Kong Tai Po Lookout

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Tai Po Lookout is located in Hong Kong, New Territories, Tai Po Kau Outlook No. 11, about the construction in the early 1900s, has now been listed as a historical building Antiquities and Monuments Office. Lookout is a single-layer flat-topped colonial building built arch column Yang Gallery to adapt to hot and humid weather in Hong Kong. The most prominent building is cylindrical watchtowers, wall tower has a plurality of rectangular holes to overlook the situation in Tai Po District and Tolo Harbor. Observation tower is also a water tower, a stream of water stored by mountain water for food use.

Hong Kong Tai Po Lookout

Tai Po Kau Tai Po Lookout is located on a small hill, overlooking Tolo Harbor and beautiful scenery. 1904, he worked in Hong Kong for Works of Civil Engineers Jess (Lawrence Gibbs) saw the local beautiful scenery, to purchase the land for self-occupation with, and personally designed and built this house. In 1929, the observatory was sold to Herbert Austin Rogers. 1933 Lookout longer be sold to the Assistant Attorney General Fu Ruixian (John Alexander Fraser), during the Japanese occupation, Fu Ruixian was imprisoned and died in the Stanley Internment Camp Japanese, and the Japanese observatory were expropriated for the purposes tortured prisoners. In 1947, the observatory purchased by the government, instead of the residence of government officials. In 1996, the government leased the lookout for the end of the Society for AIDS Care AIDS sanitarium. After 2000, the Government Property Agency leased for residential purposes.

Scenic Area Address: Hong Kong in 10 Outlook Lane 11

Bus routes: Take KMB 72a, 72,73a, 74a, 872 Road or New Territories GMB 28k to get off the park and then walk to the Tai Po Kau

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